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Currently Gummetal wire is available only in Japan.


 Gummetal wire's unique structure


Gummetal Archwire Natural Form 


Gummetal Straight Wire(Cut)


Gummetal Straight Wire(Rolled)

Features and Benefits of Gummetal wire in Orthodontic use.



• Nickel Free βtitanium alloy(Ti.Nb.Ta.Zr.).

• High Springback and at the same time,high formability.

• No crystal dislocation occurs when deformed

  =No Work-hardening.



• Applicable for Nickel sensitive patients.

• Applicate at most treratment stages in most clinical


• Easy to handle for clinicians due to lower stiffness than Co-Cr and Ti-Mo wires.


Gummetal wire has 2 conflicting characteristics.

• High Elastic Deformation ability while Good Formability.

• Very Low Young's Modulus(soft) while Enough Stiffness(strong).


Gummetal Archwire Natural Form


Gummetal Straight Wire(Cut)


Gummetal Straight Wire(Rolled)


Non-linear elastic deformation behavior without hysteresis